the things my brain gets stuck tripping over or my eyes can't look away from.

30. Sydney, Australia. Musician. Avid Gamer. NRL Fanatic. Audio Engineer.

{ i also run Wests Tigers Blood }

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It’s A Motherfucker (by) Eels

been listening to electro-shock blues and daisies of the galaxy a lot lately. makes for some good walking around and staring at the pavement.

electro-shock blues is one of my utmost favourite albums. on my list of must haves for sure or your music collection has a giant void in it.


When All We Love is Lost - Acoustic Session #2 - Tremble

I have a new acoustic video up! Thanks for checking out my song! I love youuuuuuus.

- (Cowboy) Dan

Filming and editing by graftedintothevine

i am so down for this my pants are already around my ankles and the lube is on the metaphorical night stand



When All We Love is Lost - Acoustic Session #1 - Oblivious

So I’m starting this thing where I do acoustic versions of my songs in random places. These are just gonna kind of come out sporadically over the next month. Not really sure how many I’m gonna do, just kinda having fun with it. Share it around if you like it!

- Dan

I released a thing earlier today.