the things my brain gets stuck tripping over or my eyes can't look away from.

30. Sydney, Australia. Musician. Avid Gamer. NRL Fanatic. Audio Engineer.

{ i also run Wests Tigers Blood }

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I called in sick from your funeral.
The sight of your family made me feel responsible.
and I found the notes you left behind; little hints and helpless cries, desperate wishing to be over.

It’s A Motherfucker (by) Eels

been listening to electro-shock blues and daisies of the galaxy a lot lately. makes for some good walking around and staring at the pavement.

electro-shock blues is one of my utmost favourite albums. on my list of must haves for sure or your music collection has a giant void in it.


When All We Love is Lost - Acoustic Session #2 - Tremble

I have a new acoustic video up! Thanks for checking out my song! I love youuuuuuus.

- (Cowboy) Dan

Filming and editing by graftedintothevine

i am so down for this my pants are already around my ankles and the lube is on the metaphorical night stand