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True Death (by) War Widow

awesome downloadable new song from War Widow on their SoundCloud.

Top 10 Albums of 2011

the last one of these i managed to do was back in 2009 (on my long since abandoned Blogger account). 2010 for me was a very difficult year when it came to new music, and after compiling a list of albums that were released during the year, i found myself staring at said list, struggling to choose more than 5 or 6 albums that were actually worth giving a damn about.

it’s refreshing that 2011 was difficult in that there was an abundance of great releases to sift through to create this list. so let’s get at it, ey?

Album No.10:

Laura Marling - A Creature I Don’t Know

i kinda fell in love with this album the first time i watched the video for Sophia, which i posted here a while back. if it weren’t for Ryan Adams i’d have never have known // listened to Laura and her wonderful albums; and A Creature I Don’t Know is indeed a wonderful indie/folk rock album. there was a good solid fortnight where it was about the only thing i would listen to.

Album No.9:

Born Gold - Bodysongs

Born Gold used to be called Gobble Gobble once upon a time. i’m not really sure that Bodysongs counts as a sophomore effort, or more of a ‘fresh start’ under a new moniker. either way, this album is pretty fricking great. where the album Neon Graveyard, released under Gobble Gobble, was a claustrophobic musing on a preoccupation with death and life, Bodysongs is more an ecstatic celebration of the two. it’s noisy and jubilant (and dancable).

it’s also a free album. yup. Born Gold offer the album as a free download: (check the alternate mediafire download near the bottom of the page)

so get on it!

Album No.8:

the Mountain Goats - All Eternals Deck

what’s a yearly top ten list without a Mountain Goats album!? a pretty hollow list is what, and 2011 saw John Darnielle (and crew) craft yet another stunning collection of touching, insightful and frantic stories.

Album No.7:

The Antlers - Burst Apart

the highly anticipated follow up to the beautifully morose 2009 album (and my no.1 of that year) Hospice.

not wanting to be pegged as a ‘sads’ band, the Antlers have offered up a slightly lighter view with Burst Apart, yet still adorned with the bands unmistakable elegant and dramatic sound.

i am still pretty chuffed to say that i saw them on their first Australian tour, just before this album came out. i was at the double bill with Bear In Heaven at the Annandale. they only previewed one track from Burst Apart at the time, with the other songs being from Hospice. it was pretty frickin’ great.

Album No.6:

War Widow - War Widow

first time i heard this album it floored me. i don’t really even remember how i heard about these guys. chances are it was through Big Black Delta and subsequently their label, Coming Home Records.

War Widow is a big, dirty rock album anchored by the lyrics and voice of the genuinely amazing Jon Peloso (also of Deadbirds). it is so wonderfully dark and seductive and all guitars blazing.

Album No.5:

Glowbug - Mr. Plastic

i’m a little surprised that with the absolute crush i have on Daniel Anderson, that this album isn’t higher up the list but, no.5 is a very decent spot for it.

i don’t know how else to sum up this album other than; it’s fucking awesome. it’s laced with a very bent sense of pop. it’s glitchy, dancey and glorious electronica.

this is another free album (there’s a couple of free EPs there too that you should check out while you’re there) -

Album No.4:

Radiohead - The King Of Limbs

i struggled a little with the placing of this album. i am a pretty huge Radiohead fan, dating back to the first time i heard Creep on the telly. i didn’t just want to give this album a high ranking for the sake of the name, you know?

i didn’t think that much of The King Of Limbs when it first came out. sure, i was infatuated with Lotus Flower and its video, but who wasn’t? it was a solid album of nothing really that special. until around christmas 2011 it hadn’t really sunk in just how much i enjoyed the album. i’m not sure what exactly clicked, but it was like i just understood it better by then.

Album No.3:

Ryan Adams - Ashes & Fire

2011 marked the humble and glorious return of Ryan Adams after his short break and the disbanding of The Cardinals.

what more need be said other than ‘humble’ and ‘glorious’ to sum up this album? it’s a cruisy, summer car dashboard album as much as it is an intimate, knees tented, hands under your head, laying back on the bed album; full of Ryan’s sparkling lyrics and indie country roots.

Album No.2:

the Decemberists - The King Is Dead

back in my 2009 list, the Decemberists also claimed 2nd spot with their concept album The Hazards of Love. in 2011 they claim it again with their brilliant barn album, The King Is Dead.

yes, barn album. that’s the best way i can describe it. The King Is Dead is indicative of the bands surrounds at the time of recording, the Pendarvis farm. effortlessly blending touches of country blues and folk into their indie rock repertoire.

Album No.1:

We Cut Corners - Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards

yep. here it is folks. when i was staring at the list i had made i knew this would be No.1 from the get go.

what can i say? this Irish duo absolutely blew me away with this, their debut album. it is a hurricane of indie rock awesomeness and blissful harmonies.

Deadbirds - Trim (Free Download)

really, really, really get this.

Coming Home Records have released the Trim album by Deadbirds for free download. it’s an excellent record that i could not recommend enough.

you just gotta click the Get It Now and punch your email in. too easy.

very beautiful little cover of the Sparklehorse song Happy Man by War Widow.

Tear It Up (by) War Widow

Jonathon Bates from Big Black Delta posted on twitter a little while ago to check out a track by a band called War Widow, a band for whom he’d recently finished producing an album for, by downloading a free track from their website (link in title).

well, i had nothing else to do so i gave it a shot and i liked it. i think you should do the same.

i’ve sampled 4 of their tracks now and watched the video for Ricky - which is a good song, but not being a fan of boobs or cling wrap, makes for a bit of a non-event video - and now look forward to the eventuality of a full album.

(Source: / War Widow)